Base installation

Before installing the mobile dependencies, you must first have installed the base installation.

Android and iOS

The framework uses Appium to perform mobile automation. This setup guide will take you through the high level installation for Android and iOS.
You can find further information on the Appium website.

iOS devices can only be run from a MacOS X host.
If you intend on automating iOS, either run them from a Mac or using a cloud based device from a provider such as Sauce labs or Test object. '''

1. Install npm

If you are using Linux or MacOS, you should be able to use a package manager or brew for this step.

2. Install Appium

Install Appium

From a terminal or command prompt window, run npm install -g appium.

Appium desktop application

Optionally, you may install the Appium desktop application. This can assist in native application testing to spy on elements.

If you are testing a hybrid application, you can spy on the application using your Chrome browser’s remote devices tool, under the developers tools.

3. Install the Android Development Kit

Download and install Android Studio. This comes with ADK and all the tools needed to perform Android testing.

4. Device setup

After installing ADK and Appium, you will need to configure devices in android studio before running your automated scenarios.

4.1 Open Android Studio

4.2 Open AVD Manager

4.3 Install HAXM

4.4 Add a new device
E.g. Nexus 4, using x86 CPU

4.5 Start your virtual device

5. XCode installation (MacOS X / iOS only)

Skip to the Next steps, if you are not running your automation on MacOS X.

Download and install XCode.

6. Setup a simulator, in XCode (MacOS X / iOS only)

Set up a new Simulator from within XCode.

Next steps

Now that you have completed your base and mobile install, you can continue and run your automated scenarios, using the mobile simulator/emulator.

Physical devices can also be connected to your machine or a remote machine as well.
Check out the information on Android physical device installation and iOS physical device installation for further information.