Afor does what it says on the tin - that is: A for Automation

We are all about test Automation in the Agile & Dev Ops worlds of CI & CD. Our mantra is simple: Afor - Can do!

  • Automation within agile projects

    The proliferation of the Agile SDLC and the associated Dev Ops and CI requirements mean that 'test first' and 'test often' are no longer aspirational, they are essential. In order to meet this need effective and efficient automated test frameworks are required - often with an added requirement that the associated tool set is cheap if not free and in itself 'agile'.

  • Afor Automation framework

    Afor specialise in bespoke test framework solutions, we will build it, implement it, bring the tools and train you how to use them. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient as soon as we can. If you need a hand with anything later then let us know and we'll be there.

  • A team you can trust

    Afor was established in 2015 by the 3 directors who know they can offer a specialist Dev Ops service second to none. The combined experience of the directors creates a formidable team, you can be assured of a professional, reliable and solution based approach at all times.

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